Amuse bouche with funnel chanterelles

as prepared by competitor Aila on MasterChef Finland, Season 3

butter (on the MasterChef show, Aila chose to use butter flavored with spruce shoots which she had previously used to fry some rabbit fillets with)
funnel chanterelle mushrooms
onions, chopped
half a clove of garlic
kohlrabi, peeled
salt, pepper, lemon juice
garnish with thyme

Fry the pieces of toast briefly in butter. Sauté a handful of chopped funnel chanterelle mushrooms and a little chopped onion and the garlic in a frying pan. Grate about 1 tablespoon of kohlrabi per serving and season the kohlrabi with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Assemble on top of bread, garnish with thyme.

Note: if you use dried mushrooms, follow the soaking instructions on the package before cooking the mushrooms.

Translated from: MasterChef Finland, Season 3


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